Your Product is Great. Is Your Content?

You've built your product, or at least your MVP.

You know it's amazing. You know it can change your industry. But does your industry know?

Content Marketing is all about producing content that makes your target market want to take the action YOU want them to take.

And as a startup, you don't have the time to play around for 6 MONTHS or MORE to find something that leads to your DESIRED ACTION.

You need to build a system that works, build it quickly, AND give your team the skills they need to keep the system going.

Introducing the Stom Content Kick-Off Consult.


Hi, I'm Tom,

And with my Kick-Off Consult, I can help you build your content marketing machine from the bottom up.

It all starts with a workshop about your product's target users. Who are they? Where are they? What do they do?

From that, I help you produce 3-4 personas to target with your content marketing. These personas are, above all, narrowed down to the tiniest detail.

And from these personas, I will work with your growth team to put together the perfect content strategy to reach the right personas at the right time and the right place to turn them into paying customers.

After we have a complete strategy to work from, I will help your team understand how best to produce content that influences your target market to not only take, but WANT TO TAKE the action YOU want them to take.

Not only will I be there to help produce your opening blog articles, whiteboard videos, podcasts, or whatever else your target market reacts to the best, I will train your team to make sure that THEY have the skills needed to produce the right content at the right time for the right audience.

Tom Smith

What do you get with your consultation?

  • As much access to me, your content expert, as you feel you need.
  • Personalised, precise personas tailor made for your product.
  • A complete strategy outlining how to produce content that influences the right action.
  • As much content as you need to kick-off.
  • 1 personalised workshop to give your team the skills to continue producing content that influences people.
  • Ongoing support and training opportunities.